Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoViz?

AutoViz is a one-click visualization engine: It creates insightful charts that anyone from a beginner to an expert can use.

How easy is AutoViz for non-programmers?

AutoViz does not require any programming. You just need to upload your data (in any file format) and tell us your target variable (if there is one). Then click 'AutoViz'. It will ask for your email address to send the results to (we will not sell your email address to third-party marketers).

How do I Know that my data is secure with AutoViz?

At AutoViz, we take your privacy and data security very seriously. We secure your data from beginning-to-end using https: that means all communications between your browser and our web site is encrypted. In addition, we never store your data on our web site (we carry it in "memory" and once the charts are done and mailed, it's gone from our site's memory).

What about privacy of my data?

At AutoViz, we never store your data: We just keep your uploaded data in servers' "memory" and once charts are created and sent to your mailbox, we delete it. No data or emails are stored with us.